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about me

I can't seem to be able to recall a time in my childhood when I wasn't in tune with my creativity. 


Bringing up her highly hyperactive daughter as an only child must have made my mum get very creative. She filled our house with music, movies, books and, mostly, laughter. I was always given the room to explore new activities, encouraged by the woman who taught me everything that there is nothing more important than loving whatever you do with a passion. 


My mum taught me not to live "lukewarm".

In our family, everything was approached with a lot of love and dedication.


Before I had lived through my first decade, I had quite possibly experienced every single hobby our small town had to offer. From aquarelle painting classes to gymnastics, tennis and even my own home-based "perfume business". Although that was basically me destroying my mother's garden flowers, mixing them with water and selling them to her friends. An only child has to think outside the box when it comes to entertainment. 

One of my fondest memories to this day remains the morning my mum drove a 3 year-old me to her first ballet lesson. I knew that was where I belonged. Instantly. Since then, I always managed to get myself involved in every arts-related project or class going on near me. I now consider myself an absolute expert in the geography and map of Buenos Aires (as long as there is a theatre or arts studio in that street, of course). 


As a kid, nothing made me as overjoyed as dressing up in costumes and performing plays for my friends, my family or really just myself. I encountered a drama teacher in 2016 who said: "Theatre is rooted in playfulness".

And just like that she took me back to all those years ago.

To hanging up bed sheets as theatre curtains, to spoons as microphones and my mum's clothes as costumes.

I remembered why I love to tell stories. 



Because I LOVE to play. As simple and riveting as that. 


As a kid you don't think about anything other than playing. Societal pressure and self doubt were not present in my 6 year-old brain when I put on a pair of adult sunglasses and pretended to be a spy. Or, to correct myself, actually BEING a spy. There was no pretending. 

I was a spy. For that instant, in that moment, the world counted on me to defend them from the evil aliens.

And that was it. 


I crave to connect with character driven stories.


I am drawn to truthful art, the kind that can move you and challenge your beliefs.

I want to meet new characters as if they were old friends whose stories I am lucky enough to tell.


In a song, in a picture, a word or a gesture.


As an actor, I wish to give a voice to every story that will allow me to be a small part of them. 

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